Hair Removal and Waxing

Waxing is among our most popular hair removal treatment.

At Elegance Beauty Salon we pride ourselves in using high quality waxes during our Waxing Treatment, ensuring efficient hair removal techniques while still preserving your skin. Our therapists are specialists in waxing, ensuring fast comfortable and long term results. Hygiene and cleanliness are second nature to us. Everything used during the waxing treatment is disposable ensuring no contamination. After each wax we re-check the area and repeat until the very last hair is removed.

Full Leg // $72
Full Leg & Bikini // $85
Full Leg & Brazilian // $122
3/4 Leg/Upper Leg // $60
3/4 Leg/Upper Leg & Bikini // $72
3/4 Leg/Upper Leg & Brazilian // $108
1/2 Leg // $45
1/2 Leg & Bikini // $62
1/2 Leg & Brazilian // $98
Bikini/G-String // $37
Full G-String // $50
Brazilian // $67
Full Arm // $55
Half Arm // $42
Underarm // $28
Full Face Wax // $60
Sides of Face // $32
Stomach Prices From From // $25
Lip // $20
Chin // $26
Lip & Chin // $34
Eyebrows // $30
Snail Trail Prices From // $20

Epilar Hair Removal

Epilar is a new and simple to use hair removal product that permanently reduces unwanted body hair, without side effects such as sores, burns and scars. For ten years a team of Danish doctors and biochemists have been working on the development of an enzyme-based product for the removal of unwanted hair growth. The product has now been tested successfully demonstrating its safety, efficiency with no side effects.

A hair removal treatment with Epilar is carried out after a traditional wax treatment by our professional beauty and skincare therapists. Epilar consists of 2 gels that are massaged into the waxed skin area.

For pricing, inquire at Elegance Beauty Therapy Salon.

IPL Hair Removal

IPL Hair Removal is a fast comfortable and permanent alternative to waxing. IPL is fast becoming the most popular hair removal treatment. IPL works by converting light energy into heat energy. The area being treated might feel a little hot, similar to exposing your skin to the sun for an excessive amount of time.

For a month before your treatment you will need to stop waxing that area.  Alternatively you can shave the area right up until the treatment.  However it is important to have some hair follicles in that area while undergoing this treatment.  This is very important to remember as hair follicles are required for this treatment to occur.  This is due to IPL sending light down the hair shaft where it converts to heat energy and prevents the blood supply to that area.  Without the blood supply the hair follicle is void of any nutrition for it to grow.


All IPL treatments require a clean shave either on the day of the appointment or the day before. We don’t allocate shaving time in appointments, this needs to be booked in. If you are choosing 3 areas or more please let us know so that we can review the price.


Immediately after treatment you may experience a sun burn like sensation. treated hair will appear 7 to 30 days post treatments. This is not new hair growth, but the treated hairs being expelled from the skin. At any given time some of your hair is not in a phase of active growth. Therefore a number of treatments will be needed to affect the growth of all your unwanted hair.


Lip // $45
Chin // $59
Lip & Chin //$79
Sides of Face //$69
Full Face // $140
Neck // $55
Full Face & Neck // $179
Underarm // $79
Bottom Half Leg // $130
Full Leg // $180
Top Half Leg // $150
Full Leg, Full arm, Feet, Toes, Hands, Fingers & Underarm // $360
Full Leg & Bikini // $269
Full of Leg & Brazilian // $299
Basic Bikini // $79
Swimsuit Bikini // $90
Brazilian // $109
Brazilian, Under Arm & Lip // $180
Brazilian, Under Arm, 1/2 Lower leg, Feet, Toes & Underarm // $270
Brazilian, Full Leg, Feet, Toes & Underarm // $360
Half Arm // $80
Full Arm // $120
Snail Trail Prices From // $30
Shaving 15 mins // $35


Full Face // $159
Full Face & Neck // $209
Underarm // $79
Half Arm // $139
Full Arm // $220
Stomach // $149
Chest // $179
Shoulders // $139
Back & Shoulders // $229
Buttocks // $139
Top 1/2 Leg // $249
Bottom 1/2 Leg // $209
Full Leg // $319
Ears // $49