Thalgo Facials

Thalgo Traditional Signature Facials

The perfect facial treatment that is customised to the individual skin type or concern with a double mask treatment Hydration concerns – Sève Bleue des Océans instantly hydrates and strengthens thirsty skin with Heart of the Ocean Massage and customised Oligo-Marine Mask Combination/ problematic concerns – Macro- and micro-algae regulate sebum, minimise pores and control shine with Heart of the Ocean Massage and customised Oligo-Marine Mask Sensitive and Extra Dry concerns – Algae oil and algae wax create a lipid “bandage” to intensely soothe and repair skin with Heart of the Ocean Massage and customised Oligo-Marine Mask.

1 hour // $159

Hyalu- Procollagen Wrinkle Correcting Treatment

Designed for anyone who wants to specifically target their wrinkles and plump the skin The facial consists of a wrinkle to wrinkle treatment combining three hyaluronic acids & marine pro-collagen , using Roller Boosters for visible effectiveness from the very 1st treatment. Instantly, the face is instantly plumped, wrinkles appear reduced and the skin is more smoothed

1 Hour // $179

Silicium Lift Treatment

An anti-ageing innovation inspired by Face Fitness, to firm and lift the skin This high performance treatment , with an algae complex rich in marine silicium and vitamin C , is perfect for firming and lifting the facial contours with a double mask, particularly around the jawline . An amazing result after 1 treatment.

1 Hour // $199


Leading the way in LED treatments , Lightstim is clinically proven to stimulate cellular regeneration, stimulate collagen and elastin production and address ageing and other skin concerns . It targets inflammation and helps improve the healing process by enhancing blood circulation and oxygenation to rejuvenate the skin for a radiant glow.

1 hour // $179


Thalgo iBeauty device is a new generation beauty device combining three innovative, proven, non-invasive, non-aggressive and completely safe technologies for instant facial results- Sound Vibrations: exfoliates and purifies the skin Sequential Ultrasound: drains, infuses and stimulates Tripolar Radio-frequency: regenerates, plumps and firms the skin.

1 Hour // $155